Easter Cocktails

Easter cocktails made easy

How do you drink yours? It’s not all about the eggs this Easter – give yourself a delightful springtime treat, with easter cocktails courtesy of Percy’s.

Be it Easter brunch round the dinner table, lazy afternoon al fresco dining, or an all-day (and night) party, we’ve got it covered with our mouth-watering Easter cocktails.

Apple & Citrus Sparkle


Percy’s Black Tea, Lemon & Lime Iced Tea

Lemonade or sparkling water

Sprig of fresh mint


Add a good flurry of crushed ice to your glass and slosh over the Percy’s until 2/3 full. Top with lemonade or sparkling water (depending on how zippy you fancy it) and garnish with the mint.

Apple & Elderflower Bubbly Brew


Percy’s White Tea, Apple and Elderflower Iced Tea


A sprig of redcurrants

Caster sugar (optional)


Chill your champagne flutes and, for the sweeter-toothed amongst us, dip the rim in fine castor sugar. Carefully 2/3 fill each glass with Percy’s and add the fizz (stop just before it touches the sugar line). Carefully position the redcurrants so that they rest seductively on the rim.


Boost the flavour by adding a teaspoon of quality loose leaf to your cocktail prior to adding the other ingredients. If you don’t want the bits in your brew, use a tea bag…just don’t forget to whip it out before serving…