Guinness Cocktails

St Patrick’s Day Guinness Cocktails

Wave your shamrock, embrace your inner leprechaun and have the craic Percy’s style with these Guinness cocktails.

When it comes to national celebrations, who better than the Irish to show us all how it’s done?

Combining two nations’ favourite bevvies, these recipes are guaranteed to get the festival in full swing. You’ll have the onlookers green with envy…

Fruity Guinness Cocktail & Tea Brew


125ml Percy’s Pear & Raspberry Iced Tea

1 high quality teabag – use black tea for extra strength so it is not counteracted by the power of the stout!

125ml stout

Fresh limes (1 small wedge per drink)


Pour the Percy’s tea into a highball glass. Simply add the teabag and leave to brew until desired strength is achieved. Whip out the teabag, top up with stout and serve with a wedge of lime.

Black Velvet Tea


Percy’s Pear & Raspberry Iced Tea

Babycham (or prosecco/ champagne, depending on your budget!)



Fill a third of your retro babycham glass (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) or champagne flute with stout. Gradually top up with equal measures of Percy’s tea and chilled Babycham.